Can we use it just for 3D visualisation on a web app without giving users the option to modify data


We are evaluating GraphXR and this is our requirement:
We need to visualise a graph data with relationships and embed it into a web app for our users. We don’t want users to modify the data or relationships. We just want them search, filter and visualise data.

Following are the questions I have:

  1. How can I embed a visualisation in to a web app. In Kineviz website I need to login and create project to see the visualisations, but how will it work when I embed this in a web app?
  2. Can I restrict the users to just see the data based on their search instead of showing the full capability including configurations, querying etc.

Here is an example of GraphXR being embedded in a webpage, which has very similar requirement as you mentioned.

User can manipulate graph data inside his/her browser, but the change won’t affect source data. And admin can hide certain GUI components through configuration.

Please contact us if you are still interested. Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Hello, is there any documentation for embedding graphxr into web pages, thanks

Doc on Iframe embedding will be released later. But you can create a view, go to project page, unlock the project, and from share, get a sharable link. Which you can use as embedding link. We will release a doc soon. Cheers