Change nodes shape

Hi everyone .I want to change the shape of my graph nodes from circular to square nodes .Is there a way to do that in GraphXR ?
Thank you community, you’re doing a great job !

Thanks. That is potentially achieve-able by adding an icon sheet with symbols. It’s on our to do list, but just haven’t get to it. If yo have strong use case for it. we can add it soon.

That would be very cool .

My graph consists of positions of games of chess and the icon is the position itself,so it would be pretty useful to have square nodes to see the whole position

Hi sokffa17, have you tried the grid view under the Layouts panel => Geometric tab? This may be useful for visualizing the chessboard.

Actually my graph has a star schema where the central node is the initial position of the chess games that’s why i think the “Force” Layout looks more appropriate

You can make your image bigger, make the exteriors transparent. Then you will see the whole square.

However, there will still be a ring.