Connect GraphXR to remote instance on Desktop app

So I can see on the web version you can connect to a remote instance but I have the Desktop App and I am able to connect Neo4j browser to my instance but GraphXR doesn’t. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi @SpaceLobster, thanks for asking. Just to confirm, you’re trying to connect you local Neo4j db via Neo4j Desktop to GraphXR on the browser ( correct?

If so, you need to make sure you configure your project to neo4j as such:

Make sure you have ‘localhost’ under Neo4j Host and the db password you created. You’ll also need to select Direct browser connection under Connection Type.

Once inside the project, you’ll be able to pull in nodes and relationships into the blank graph space under the Project > Category tab. Let me know if this helps.

Hi Alex,

No, I have a Neo4j instance that we are hosting in AWS. I am able to connect to it with the Neo4j Browser on my desktop and want to be able to connect to it with GraphXR as well. It is a remote DBMS connection


Hi @SpaceLobster, did you put localhost for Neo4j host and the db password in GraphXR? I’m happy to hop on a quick call tomorrow to help sort this out. My email is

Sent you an emai!