Connecting with to non Neo4J databases

  1. Is it possible to connect to non Neo4J databases?
  2. Can it talk to applications via APIs?

Yes, GraphXR can connect to some other graph dbs as well as sql dbs.

It has connector connecting to 3rd party data sources. We can also add extension to connect to specific API.

Can you be more specific of the DB and API you want to connect to?

There are two situations:

  1. The backend is a sql dB -Oracle. However we want Use APIs to access the data instead of accessing data directly.

  2. The other database is. Hypergraph. We would like to use graphql to retrieve data from the hypergraph

We currently has support for MySQL and MSSQL. Considering adding Oracle DB support.

We don’t support graphql yet. But would love to learn more about the use case.

Could you email and to discuss further?


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