CPU/RAM/GPU Requirment for the GraphXR


I have following number fo the data need to present in the GraphXR /neo4j desktop.

MATCH (n) RETURN count(n) 11116

MATCH ()–>() RETURN count(*) 27612

the data could load in UI about 60s. but it become hard to zoom in/out or rotate .
the CPU is 6 core/12 thread . RAM in 16 G, GPU :1060 3G.
it seems the resouce not fully used . all resource is used less than 50%

it would like to improve the user experience with hardward upgrade or related setting change.
refer to the hardware requirment , it mentions that the GPU is suggest to use 1070 .
as the GPU 1060 is not fully used , could I know if it worth to upgrade GPU ?

or is there any way to check the performance bottleneck ?

BTW, I also tried AWS G3.xlarge instance 4 core/32GB/NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU. it seems no much improve.

William Du

Hi William,

Since GraphXR is web app, it benefit from faster single processor speed. Strong GPU helps for VR, but if you are using it on desktop or laptop, CPU matters more. What is your setup? We have found that desktop runs in general faster than laptop as CPU can run faster.