Exploring Neo4j Sandbox & GraphXR

What is the quickest & easiest path to exploring data visualization powered by graph databases?

In this quick exploration, we connect a Neo4j database to a GraphXR visualization engine to explore connection-driven data. Supplied with a variety of graph use cases, Neo4j’s Sandbox provides sample data that you can easily access. See how it works by getting started below.


1. Sign up for GraphXR and launch a Neo4j sandbox below.

→ Launch a free GraphXR account at https://graphxr.kineviz.com/register

→ Launch a free Neo4j sandbox at https://neo4j.com/sandbox/

Once you’ve enrolled into Neo4j sandbox, click New Project and take a look at the example sandboxes below. Choose one that interests you.

Please note that each sandbox generally lasts for only 3 days (or 10 if extended).

2. Once the sandbox is loaded, click the name of the project to pull the drop-down connection details.

3. Then create a project on GraphXR and check the box to Configure Neo4j Instance.

4. Copy the Sandbox IP address for Neo4j DB Host and the Sandbox Password for Neo4j DB Password on GraphXR. Select “Through GraphXR server connection (Enables project sharing)” under Connection Type.

Once you’ve configured Neo4j’s sandbox manually, click Confirm to proceed into the GraphXR project space.

5. Navigate to the GraphXR Project panel to pull in categories and relationships from the Neo4j sandbox into GraphXR.


Learn the basics of Neo4j’s graph query language with GraphXR’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface for composing Cypher queries. Start learning with this intro video on Visual Query Builder today! :point_down:

Have any thoughts or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you! :hugs: