Exploring Synthea Healthcare Data

Simulated healthcare data by the Standard Health Record Collaborative can easily be transformed and explored using GraphXR. You can interact with this shared view on GraphXR.

Starting with simulated data for Patients and their Conditions imported as CSV files, various transformations (Aggregate, Extract, and Shortcut) and Geometric layouts can be used to explore and visualize general types of ailments and their distribution in the community of patients. About 3000 of the 8000+ conditions in the data were quickly tagged using the property values list and the Tags Manager. Tags appear as a small white label on a tagged node. We can use the tag to extract a new Type category and relate a general type of ailment to the patients.

We can open the Map panel and drop the data on a map (because the Patient nodes include lat-long coordinates). You can interact with this shared view on GraphXR.

For this view, we don’t need the Conditions nodes, so we un-checked the Visible checkbox for that category. This simplifies the graph considerably, and lets us see how general types of treatments are distributed in this simulated patient community.