Fall 2019 Update is live!

This is our biggest update yet! Here are some highlights of GraphXR v2.2.1:

Graph Algorithms

  • Perform calculations like Shortest Path and PageRank with a click.


  • Manage multiple graph states within a single project—switch states in seconds

CSV Mapping

  • Create reusable and shareable mappings for CSV ingestion

Composable Filters

  • Scrub through any numerical property—including time series—and layer multiple filters on nodes and edges

Revamped Transform Interface

  • GraphXR’s most revolutionary capabilities, now more powerful and easier to use than ever

Speaking of ease of use… become a GraphXpRt in no time with our

Quick Start Guide

We’re excited to see what you do with GraphXR v2.2.1! Please share your questions, feedback, hopes, and dreams here on the forum.

Happy graphing!