GraphXR cannot install on Neo4j Mac


GraphXr is a nice tool, I love it.
but I have a problem in my Mac envrionment . in other windows pc ,it works fine.
as my Mac is more powerfull ,I have to change my workload to Mac, when there is 10M nodes.

refer following url :
It seems the download process stop . is there any way to check it ? I tried serveral times, so there is 3 download process now .

Can you show me the screen shot of “download”? Did you set up an account on I’m a bit confused that you will have to “download”. Cheers.

I find the root cause .
our company has the https proxy gateway which will change the https cert .after import the root cert of the gateway to Mac , there is no problem .

so it is not the issue for the graphxr side .

William Du

Thx for figuring this out. We will add a notice to our software.