GraphXR Image 404


I am new to using Kineviz GraphXR and I am having problems with images.
My database has some nodes with a property called image_url with an https address. All addresses are working when I click, but showing an image or checking Auto Show Image appears 404.

Hi @mateus.kinasz,

Thank you for reaching out! I am including @sony and @weidong to see what is happening here. Can you tell us whether or not it’s all your images or just some that appear with 404?


Hi, Alex

The problem appears in all images. Even if I select the node and click the WebLink icon at the bottom, the 404 appears, the same happens in the Image icon. The only way to see the image is to select the node and click on the URL, then it opens in my browser.

Thank you for the answer!

Hi @mateus.kinasz

Could you share some image link samples? Are you hosting those images? If you do, could you add allow CORS header in the server?


Hi, Mr. Weidong

I am not hosting the images, I am using pictures from LinkedIn.
My graph was created in the Neo4j Browser, but if I create a new node directly on GraphXR and put the URL in the same property of the other nodes I can see the image.

Could you send me a sample data? Thx. I’d like to see the exact format in the data created by Neo4j Browser.

Hi sir weidong

I apologize for the delay of almost 1 and a half months.
I’m back with this project. Apparently I was leaving gaps in the links. In another Neo4j plugin the gaps don’t matter, but not in GraphXR. But now the links are correct and everything is working. So there are no more problems.

Thank you for all the support and sorry for the inconvenience