Hello my name is Oleksii

Hello everybody. I am reviewing now demo about GraphXR that @sony demonstrated for via zoom recently (Here it is: GraphXR demo for Facebook Developer Circle:Kyiv).
I reminded that i asked during demonstration if that screencast would be uploaded as video to repeat and study. I was pursued to quit meeting before it finished but now i hope it is good time to continue communication regarding my question that want to ask to make progress related to science research with no hurry.
That demo was first time i become familiar with GraphXR, and even i used no-sql db for some research it was mongoDB for Meteor, but only after registration here in community i was inspired to see how GraphXR are usefull and could be recognized as secure-enought tool for processing and visualising data.
I am dive to Cypher query language for neo4j no-sql db and yesterday i decided to use screenshot from book about Сypher-ql for gitlab repository in privat group which was created to track our nano-degree’s education progress and to stay on the same page with other members of study group.
I want to use GraphXR to solve my science research issues and to manage and rise my business. I have idea for startup related to CV&VR(Computer Vision & Virtual Reality) “We are inside everywhere”
I found some very interesting set of data when i did my research&study and i created video report about my education progress with study group. I uploaded it to youtube channel with additional Section in video description which contains two links about that data set. Sorry for dirty and not professional explanation and media but i leave it as quest because it is really quest for me like challenge of my current stage of life.
I need help to analyze and securely process the data to be properly treated and professionally presented for market. I want to create new niche in digital market and science.
I have a lot to explain about what i have been experienced in my life but not fully ready yet just a little or particularly and here are some free-writing explanation that i do in my Alef-invest blog

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Update regarding to kineviz community participation in Nodes2019 developers online conference-summit.
Here the video i get during summit. Reviw online summit

As we were last in schedule of thst conference my facebook stream time were out of range, cause it could be only 8 hour.

That is why in video the last session note provided by Waidon was cuted by time restrictions of facebook online stream. The are only one minute of his speech.

We need additional online event to to shed light on the graphxr application that was demonstrated in key note session: Graph BI with Weidong Yang, Thursday at 4pm Eastern

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Thanks for capturing and sharing this Oleksii! It’s a great resource. I’ll post a link to Wei’s talk as soon as I figure out where they’re hosting the videos.

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Good that you mentioned it. Please note my feature request during that event; i noted it in live-stream and i want rise this request with your communication to them cause i have solution which i want to implement to make offline storage of session with translations to different languages. for whole theme about neo4j

It could be the same way as this book were recompiled in new way of information transfer:

I mean we can use some video notes from session and store it somewhere in the www with same paradigm.