Hi I'm Weidong, you can also call me Wei

Hi, I’m Weidong, founder and CEO of Kineviz. I have the passion of modeling the information and getting insight though the model.

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In addition to being pithy, Wei’s very humble, so I’mma just paste his bio in here for anyone who wants to know:

He holds a doctorate in Physics and a Masters in Computer and Information Science. After conducting theoretical and experimental research on quantum dots, he worked for 10 years as a product manager and R&D scientist in the Semiconductor industry. He has been awarded 11 US patents and contributed to 20+ peer review publications. Prior to Kineviz, Wei co-founded Kinetech Arts, a non-profit that brings dancers and engineers together to explore the creative potential of new technologies in making art.

And if you want to see Wei’s art, check out http://kinetecharts.org/