How to connect to Neo4j running on localhost?

GraphXR requires https connection. However, https port on your localhost Neo4j DB instance is probably without certificate. You can accept and still connect to it.
step 1:

Notice you should use “Browser direct connection” option
Step 2:

Click on the localhost link
Step 3:

Click on “Advanced” and then “Proceed to localhost (unsafe)”
Step 4:

You will see a mostly blank page close this, and go back to project page, click confirm.

You can use this technique to connect to your other Neo4j databases that doesn’t have certificate installed.

Hello @weidong!
I have connected to my Neo4j databases successfully using this technique. But I just want to use the “Through GraphXR server connection” option and how can I do it?

To connect through server, the GraphXR server needs to be able to “see” your DB. If you use DB running on localhost, the server won’t be able to access it unless you use some kind of tunneling to expose your DB connection.

So with DB running in localhost, or in any situation that you don’t want data flow through any other machine, you should use Browser direct conection.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply. I will have a try.