How to save the caption nodes visibility configuration when saving Views?


In the menu Project->Category, I can set visible/hidden nodes and also configure which properties can be used as caption. Then I save a view of this graph.

But it seems that when I reload this view later on any changes to the visibility of nodes is not restored.

Is that a normal behavior ? if yes, how to make sure to save this configuration.

many thanks in advance,

Hi Benoit,

By design we reserved those settings as project setting. So if you want to persist the change, the best way is to create a new project.

This comes from the need to be able to share view to people not sign up on GraphXR. Thus we limited the ability to adjust certain settings inside a view.

Hope it helps,


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Hi Wei,

good to know that these settings are at project-level.

=> But still I have an issue because I need to reconfigure these settings every time I re-open Neo4j Desktop and launch graphxr. I would expect not to have to do this, as the project remains the same.

Any idea why ?


Hi Bonoit,

If you open graphxr from, create a database and connect to your local DB, you will see all those settings are saved between sessions. We save project config in a database on graphxr server.

Graphxr as desktop app is mostly for convenience and learning purpose, as what we can save for project is limited. You might have run into one of those limitations.

Can you try running directly from For enterprise users, we also provide dockerized server to run inside the firewall.



Thanks Wei, yes it works now when running the project directly on the website (not through the Neo4J desktop application)