Incorrect placement of lat and lon coordinates on map


I’m trying to map latitude and longitude coordinates onto a map. I’ve gone right back to basics by using a test csv file with 10 coordinates for latitude and 10 for longitude, nothing else. I drag and drop this file onto the graph space and then click the map tab but the placement is still incorrect. I have tried to upload a screenshot of the file as an illustration.

All of the locations are in London, United Kingdom. The map correctly zooms to London but then places the pins in entirely the wrong locations. Any help would be appreciated.


An update: very strangely, the maps function now appears to be working with my data. As far as I’m aware, I haven’t changed a thing about the format, the way I bring in the data or the way in which I try to map it.

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Hi Maya, My apologies for the late reply here. Thanks for mentioning this issue regarding the lat/lng attributes not attaching to the map correctly on GraphXR. Was this the first time you tried working with the map feature on lat/lng data or was this on a more random ocurance? I’m happy to test it out a bit more with you on the call to identify the issue. Feel free to message me at and we can walk through it / answer any other questions you might have.