Neo4j AuraDB on GraphXR

Graph-powered analysis is about how you store, model, and visualize connected data. Kineviz & Neo4j - as partners with complementary technologies in the graph space - provide a way for B2B organizations to channel their data-driven needs with data visualization and graph databases. If you’re looking to accelerate your path to graph, you might be considering a joint solution with Kineviz GraphXR and Neo4j AuraDB.

AuraDB is a fully managed cloud service by Neo4j that provides a way to store and query many data connections via nodes and edges. For discovering these rich connections, it’s essential to work with a flexible data model (known as the property graph) that can map all kinds of entities and their relationships.

With GraphXR and AuraDB, organizations can implement more intuitive workflows for visualizing and traversing connected data that leads to meaningful, data-driven insights. Watch this short video to see how you can get started through a sample movie database on the free version of AuraDB. See how GraphXR is used to intuitively visualize Neo4j data for graph data exploration and analysis!


Steps to configure your AuraDB to GraphXR:

  1. Under the GraphXR project’s “Config Neo4j Instance” field, copy your Aura DB Connection URL (w/out the “neo4j+s://” in the beginning) and place it under Neo4j Host.
  2. Then, copy the password used to set up AuraDB in the beginning under Neo4j password.
  3. Select “Through GraphXR server connection” if you want this project to be shareable with others. Learn more about how to share GraphXR projects here.

Start with AuraDB and GraphXR for free and take this graph implementation for a test. Inquire about our GraphXR starter pack and learn more about our best practices based on public safety, healthcare, and high tech companies and agencies.

Learn more at or contact us to get started.