Privacy of Graph Data

I’m creating GraphXR visualizations from data derived from my localhost Neo4j database. My question concerns the storage location, privacy and security of the data. Is it retained only on my local PC? I presume the Kineviz API is in use and can see it’s using https encryption. Logging the connection is outline in the privacy policy, but it’s silent on the data used in the graphs generated.

Hi David,

Thank you for reaching out about data privacy on GraphXR. When logging in via your localhost Neo4j database, the graph data is only passed through to GraphXR when you click “save view to server.” Please see below:

You can save your work to your local PC by clicking “Save GXRF” -aka GraphXR format- or “Save CSV” from the left-side Project panel under Data.

When you “Save to Neo4j” you’ll be given the option to save a key property, however, please note that all properties are saved back to your Neo4j database.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Thanks you!

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