Strange location of my nodes on map

Hi Guys,
I use Neo4J, and result in GraphXR seems that nodes are not tied to the map, I can move them.
The same nodes with the same spatial data (type point) are located right in Neomap, see attachment.
Is there still must I use only longtitude and latitude attributes ?

Hi @IraF, thanks for reaching out!

Can you show me how the ‘type point’ field looks like in your dataset? You can go to the table field of GraphXR and screenshot the values on that side. Lat / Lng attributes will pin the nodes directly to the map if the column is labeled (Latitude or lat / Longitude or lng). You can learn more about geospatial mapping on our help center as well.

If you like to do a more hands-on walk through of GraphXR, don’t hesitate to schedule a time here.


Hi @Alex,
location:point( { longitude: 31.23333333, latitude: 30 } )
Neomap undersand such attribute of node but graphXR no, only longitude: 31.23333333, latitude: 30 as two different attributes.
Thank for your kind offer, i am just helping the doctoral student to process the data, at some stage he will ask for such a meeting.

Hi @IraF ,

Thanks for the follow up here. You can easily convert the spatial data from Neo4j into lat/lng properties on GraphXR using transforms. I’ll need to see the exact format of how the lat/lng data is stored in the location nodes. Can you export a GXRF file of one or two location nodes in your dataset and drag-and-drop it here so we can advise you the next steps?

@Alex, thank again.
Sure I will ask later ))