The Neo4j Desktop DB is inactive / Neo4j 4.0

Hi all. If you’re using GraphXR with Neo4j 4.0, you’ve likely seen the error “The Neo4j Desktop DB is inactive.”

We currently only support Neo4j 3.x, with support for 4.0 currently in beta. Please contact us directly if you’re interested in testing the beta.


I’m experiencing this error only when trying to connect to remote Neo4j instance.
I’m running with Neo4j 3.5.14.

Do you support connection to remote instances?

We do support remote instance. You can choose between “Browser direct connection” if your remote instance is visible from your browser, or “Through GraphXR server connection” if the Neo4j is visible from GraphXR server, usually in enterprise on-premise situation.

If DB has ssl enabled, connect from browser directly is possible, since GraphXR client is on https. If not, going through server is the only solution.

Let me know if that helps.

Hello @weidong! Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I can’t find these settings. I am using GraphXR application through Neo4j Desktop. Is there any way to configure it there? Could you please refer to some documentation if possible?

If you use Neo4j Desktop, it will default to Browser direct connection. What is your setup (Mac? Linux? PC?, Neo4j Desktop version?) We are experiencing a bit of trouble with the latest Neo4j Desktop/Neo4j 4.0 upgrade. So Neo4j Desktop connection is not very stable. A fix is coming in couple of weeks.


I am using following setup:

  • Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
  • Neo4j Desktop Version 1.2.4 (
  • Version of Neo4j installed is Neo4j 3.5.14
  • Neo4j browser is 4.03