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Now including visual transforms.

hello,sony,I have a problem with saveToNeo4j using graphxr. Please see the picture below. I don’t know what the keys and props are in the picture. Could you explain?

Hi Zun-Love,
Props are all properties on each category. The key is the property that you want to use as a unique identifier. Each category needs one, and can have only one.

From the picture it looks like you have this set up properly. What is the problem you are experiencing? Do you get an error?

first, I imported dataset A in local neo4j, and then used graphXR to connect to local neo4j to achieve visualization. Then I modified the attributes of the node based on A (called dataset B) and wanted to update back to neo4j , So I clicked saveToNeo4j, according to the normal logic, it should be saved successfully, the local neo4j should be modified to B, but the result is A + B.

So I feel that this saveToNeo4j can only be added but not updated, or where‘s the problem, thank you

When you save back to neo4j, it asks you to specify a property as key, so if there is a record in the database with the same value for that key, data should be merged. Can you give a example data to show how you read from and write to neo4j? thx.

Thanks, this problem has been fixed, but how do you synchronize Graphxr with local Neo4j? Suppose I use Graphxr to read and visualize data from local Neo4j, then delete a node in Graphxr, then save Neo4j. In Neo4j, will the node also be deleted? It turns out not to be

GraphXR won’t delete data from Neo4j. You can issue cypher query to explicitly do that.


Could you please give me an example of the format of the cypher query? I have’t done that, and I don’t found it in the User Guide. Thank you

The best place is Neo4j Cypher document, for how to create a query with match and merge. Depends on your intention, it can be:
MATCH (node:Label) where = … detach delete n
MATCH (node:Label) where = … MERGE …
MATCH (node:Label) where = … SET …


Hello, what is the purpose of the code block(edit quick info…) in the red box, similar to the front-end style?

Hi @zun-love, this feature allows you to customize what information you see in your “quick info” panel. The quick info panel shows up when you mouse over a node and when it is checked under “Settings” in the Project left-side panel (see below).

It is built on React JS and can be edited by the user to show different properties and so forth.

Hope this helps!