What can data visualization learn from dance?


In early June, our CEO, Weidong Yang, shared the story of how Kineviz’ started as a spinoff from an arts nonprofit, Kinetech Arts, that focuses on bridging artists, technologists, and scientists in the SF Bay Area. In discussing “what can data visualization learn from dance?” he draws parallels between how effective dance and effective data visualization are created, including motion, tension and rhythm. Data visualization shares DNA not only with dance but the full range of artistic expression including painting, music, and sculpture.

Kineviz was founded in 2015 as a community, built on a foundation of technology and creativity. As a team of scientists, computer engineers and artists, they work to connect humans with data and visualize complex data to gain insights for better outcomes. From the start, Kineviz has remained revenue-funded while supporting world-class businesses, agencies, and nonprofits. Connect here to learn more.